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Sustainability, Oxford & Seplaa

Dr. Ammara Farooq Malik at Oxford University, 2023
Dr. Ammara Farooq Malik at Oxford University, 2023

Completing my recent course on ‘Leading Sustainable Corporations Programme’ from the Said Business School, University of Oxford helped me take my DBA from the Business School Netherlands, a step towards a more tangible product that we can offer under the Seplaa Group. My doctoral thesis was titled ‘Sustainable Business Strategies for Social Enterprises in Developing Countries- A Focus on Gender, Law & Policy for Climate Action’. 

Based on this thesis, the name of our new concept is ‘Seplaapreneurship’ (See  ‘Seplaapreneurship-Book’ ) which led to the development of our product the Seplaa Score Impact Certification’. This is based on the framework of the 5 Cog Wheels that I developed in my doctorate with refinement thanks to my key learnings from my LSC course at Oxford.

The doctorate itself was based on action research which covers 20 years of Seplaa’s work in impact business, impact law (courtesy of Seplaa Founder’s association with the Global Alliance of Impact Lawyers-GAIL), gender, youth, climate change and now also ‘sustainability’ thanks to my course on ‘Leading Sustainable Corporations‘ under the Said Business School, University of Oxford.

In many ways my work is now coming full circle and we are now expanding to global markets and forging partnerships and collaborations through the ‘Seplaa Score Impact Certification’ that leads to the Seplaa Global Impact Network. 

Connecting the dots for collaboration:

Incidentally while visiting Oxford University last year with my family, I found out about the Oxford Leading Sustainable Corporations Programme and I grabbed this opportunity to learn more about the institution and about sustainability that is so close to my heart. Seplaa has been working in climate change since 2009, creating global impact and I was at COP28 in Dubai connecting with other sustainability experts too.

I think the best aspect for me in this Oxford LSC course was to be connected to brilliant course conductors and course mates who are leaders from many parts of the world.

Special thanks to Dr. Richard Barker and Rupert Younger for their lectures and to guest speakers Paul Polman, former CEO of Unilever and and Rodney Irwin  CEO of WBCSD – World Business Council for Sustainable Development, put together seamlessly by our course tutor Cyrus Suntook.

And I think equally importantly were my course mates who provided such a rich discussion and discourse at the end of each class Sara Vermeulen-Anastasia, Sabooh Asghar, Arnaud BackbierShintaro Nakabayashi, Dr. Liebrich Hiemstra, Christophe Bernigaud, Megan Bowbrick and  Flor Isabel Blazquez amongst so many others.

With the ‘Seplaa Score Impact Certification’ we are ready to connect the Global South to the Global North through partnerships, collaborations and promoting the UN SDG 17.

If you are a CEO, sustainability leader or university head who wants to learn more about our work in sustainability and impact, then please reach out to us.

For speaking engagements about Dr. Ammara Malik’s books ‘Building Bridges through Social Enterprises’ or ‘Seplaapreneurship: 5 Cog Wheels for Sustainable Business Strategy‘, please email us at or at   

Dr. Ammara Farooq Malik at Oxford University, 2023