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Seplaa Global Impact Network (SGIN)

About SGIN

The SGIN is based on our unique concept of Seplaapreneurship- The Seplaa 5 Cog Wheels for Sustainable Businesses Strategy & Tool and promotes the UN SDG 17 focusing on revitalizing global partnerships for sustainable development. Our initiative creates a network of business entities, business leaders and institutions focused on accelerating global impact through: 

  • Publications & Partner Highlighting
  • Capacity Building
  • Networking Support
  • Global Partnerships

The Seplaa Global Impact Network (SGIN) is founded on Seplaa’s Global Impact experience since 2004 and is presently supported by the Seplaa Group. 

SGIN Objective:
Our objective is to support Seplaa’s global impact projects with its partners and also showcase companies, organizations and business leaders who are contributing to global impact by supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Purpose Driven

Through the SGIN we aim to reach out to global businesses, leaders and institutions that are working in the impact space to co-create winning solutions through thought leadership, sustainable business support and networking. Our goal is to create profit without compromising on our ability to create a positive impact on people, planet, policy and our purpose as human beings.  

Meet our SGIN Global & Regional Council Members

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We welcome you to become a part of the SGIN that has adopted Seplaa’s 5 Cog Wheels Sustainable Business Strategy encompassing People, Planet, Profit, Policy and Purpose.

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