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SGIN Regional Council Launched

Connecting Change-Makers for a Sustainable Future

Global-We are extremely excited to welcome our Global and Regional Council Members under the Seplaa Global Impact Network (SGIN), a project of the Seplaa Group Inc.

Joining our Global and Regional Council are:

  • Dr. Ammara Farooq Malik-Founder & Global Council Member
  • Barrister Ahmad Farooq Malik-Global Council Member
  • Eng. Amjad A. Wyne, Global Council Member
  • Amal Farooq Malik-Global Youth Council Member
  • Dr. Joanne Chai-SGIN Asia Pacific Regional Council Member (Hong Kong)
  • Dr. Zia Hashmi- SGIN Middle East Regional Council Member (Qatar)
  • Eng. Sabooh Asghar-SGIN Middle East Regional Council Member (UAE)
  • Zahra Wyne- SGIN Asia Pacific Regional Council Member-(Pakistan)
  • Arnaud Backbier-SGIN Europe Regional Council Member (Netherlands)
  • Sangeet Kaur-SGIN UK Regional Council Memner (UK)
  • Barrister Shaheena Carrim- SGIN Africa Regional Council Member (Mauritius).

The SGIN has a unique disposition: We are founded under the concept of Seplaapreneurship and the Seplaa 5 Cog Wheels Strategy focusing on people, planet, profit,  policy and purpose and our aim is to connect the Global South to the Global North through sustainable business, capacity building, publications and global networking to support the UN SDG 17 of building global partnerships. 

If you are interested in partnerships, collaboration or to learn more about how you can be a part, please write to us at or follow us on Linkedin.


In 2023, the Seplaa Global Impact Network (SGIN) was launched, marking a significant milestone in the realm of sustainable businesses and global impact. Founded on Seplaa’s 5 Cog Wheels Strategy for sustainable businesses and drawing from their extensive experience in the impact space since 2004, the SGIN aims to connect professionals and businesses worldwide who are committed to supporting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs).

The SGIN envisions a world where collaboration, innovation, and purpose-driven action lead to positive change.