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SGIN Global & Regional Councils

SGIN Global Council

Dr. Ammara Farooq. Malik

Founder Seplaa & SGIN, Global Council Member

Dr. Ammara Farooq Malik is the Founder of Seplaa and works in strategic business development, sustainability/ law & ESG, research/learning programs, consulting and impact entrepreneurship with over 25 years of professional experience working in Canada, Pakistan, UK , Singapore and UAE. She has an LL.B. with distinctions,  MA (Politics) from Pakistan, an LLM in Corporate Laws from the University of London, a Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) from the Business School Netherlands (Netherlands) and a CPD Certification from Oxford University on ‘Leading Sustainable Corporations’. She partnered with the Centre for Global Affairs New York University (USA) from 2010-2013 through the SEPLAA Foundation and was later invited as an expert to speak at CGA NYU (USA), Hollings Centre for International Development (Turkey & Maldives), UoD (Iraq) and UNESCO (Kazakhstan) amongst 18 countries that support her global development role.  She was elected as the first Pakistani to be Chair of the Asia Pacific Board of the Global Alliance of Impact Lawyers (GAIL, UK) for 2023 and again for 2024. She is presently a ‘Multiplier’ (Expert) at the 100x Accelerator at the Marshall Institute of the London School of Economics (LSE) UK and has created an impact in the lives of over 130,000 people in Pakistan through the SEPLAA Foundation and its incubator. She is a World Learning US IVLP Alumna and has worked as a consultant and Project Director with USAID, ICIMOD (Nepal), Asian Development Bank (Singapore) US Consulate and UNICEF (Pakistan). She has advised numerous businesses as a global legal/business advisor and is the author of three books namely ‘Seplaapreneurship‘, ‘Building Bridges through Social Enterprises‘, ‘Sewegap Women & Leaders of Pakistan‘ and has authored several research publications on law, business and global development. 

Ahmad Farooq Malik

SGIN Global Council Member

Barrister Ahmad Farooq Malik oversees the Asia Pacific Portfolio of corporate, commercial and intellectual property laws issues related to Seplaa Group Inc. and Seplaa Consultants Canada Inc. He has law degrees from the University of Sheffield, England and a BVC from the University of the West of England, Bristol, England and was called to the Bar at Lincoln’s Inn, London. Barrister Farooq has worked at senior legal positions in Pakistan such as the Chief Legal Officer of the Infrastructure Development Authority Punjab (IDAP) and as a Senior Partner at Pakistani law firms. He has over 25 years of professional experience producing winning results for multiple MNCs, international companies, organizations and private clients in Pakistan as well as from China, Canada, England, Lebanon, Oman, Switzerland, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Taiwan, U.A.E. and U.S.A. Barrister Farooq has also worked on assignments of UK Department of International Development (DFID), World Bank, International Finance Corporation (IFC), Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Punjab Public Private Partnership Authority, Recep Tayyip Erdogan Trust Hospital Muzaffargarh, Pakistan Kidney & Liver Institute and Research Centre, Lahore, Punjab Agriculture, Food & Drug Authority, Punjab Forensic Science Agency, Punjab Information Technology Board and the Attorney General for Pakistan’s office. In 2019 he co-authored the Intellectual Property Rights Toolkit for Punjab Business Incubators as a USEF funded project with Dr. Ammara Malik and has contributed to several high-level legal reports for the Government of Punjab. Barrister Farooq has also advised, proposed and drafted amendments in several provincial and federal laws related to public private partnerships, urban development, low-cost housing and town planning.

Amal Farooq Malik

UK I Global Youth Council Member

Amal Farooq Malik has two published research books to her credit, namely ‘Voices of Courage & Sorrow’ (2021) written on the plight of victims of domestic abuse under the Human Rights Crisis Centre for Women (Punjab Government) and ‘Girls for Climate Action’ (2022) documenting 9 years of climate change youth advocacy across Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Turkey and Philippines, Amal went on to take up further research positions at the University of Warwick where she is concluding her second year of Law studies as a Warwick Global Excellence Merit Scholarship recipient. She remained the Secretary Critical Lawyers for Warwick (CLAW), is presently a Research Mentor for Warwick Think Tank Society and is the Editor of the Impact Insights section of the Seplaa Group. She has been published by UNEP (Thailand) and has a global footprint at the UN in Turkey and Sri Lanka. She was selected as one of the 25 Under 25 in Pakistan supported by Australia Awards in 2022.

Eng. Amjad A. Wyne

Global Council Member

Mr. Amjad A. Wyne has over 40 years of experience in the oil and gas, fertilizers, chemical manufacturing, civil engineering and portfolio management industries in the Middle East and Pakistan with a top position in MSc. Chemical Engineering from the Punjab University. He has worked with organizations such as Exxon, ADNOC (UAE), Fertil (UAE) and was the Group Technical Director of Rupali Group of Industries (Pakistan) where he set up Spintex, Rupafil and Rupali. He later set up Wyne Associates in 1997 to work on investment portfolios, construction management and sustainable building designs in Pakistan. Mr. Wyne has been one of the Founding Member of the SEPLAA Foundation since 2009.

SGIN Regional Council Members

Dr. Joanne Chai

Hong Kong I Apac Regional Council Member

Dr. Joanne Chai excels in driving business transformation through a comprehensive suite of services, including Hybrid Cloud Solutions, platform modernization, and business architecture design with large corporations such as Hewlett Packard Enterprise. She has an MBA from Concordia University (Canada), a Masters of Business Laws from Monash University (Australia) and a DBA from University of Newcastle (Australia). Her consulting experience encompasses diverse areas such as people and process improvement, security, change management, risk management, and project management. She thrives in navigating multiple stakeholder priorities to address complex business challenges and deliver positive outcomes. In an ever-evolving landscape, where technology trends intersect with regulatory requirements, her multidisciplinary background equips her to offer invaluable insights and strategic guidance. She has deep interests in the ESG field and is committed to encouraging organizations to invest in sustainability, leveraging innovation and legal compliance to foster sustainable growth while creating positive impact on our society.

Dr. Zia Hashmi

Qatar I Middle East Regional Council Member

Dr. Zia Hashmi is an established researcher and a climate impacts and adaptation expert with over 20 years of experience and a PhD degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Auckland, New Zealand. He has a number of accomplishments to his credit in the fields of water simulation modelling, advanced data analysis of hydro-climatic parameters, climate change impact assessment, adaptation, nature-based solutions, and early warning systems for climate induced disasters. 
Currently, he is associated with the Environmental Science Center of Qatar University.
Before that, he has been one of the leading Water Resources and Glaciology experts in Pakistan and has contributed to key national policy documents such as Climate Change Policy, Water Policy, 2nd and 3rd National Communications, NDCs and Technology Need Assessment.

Zahra Wyne

Pakistan I APAC Regional Council Member

Zahra Wyne is an international development, business operations and management consultant with over 20 years of experince. She has been associated with Seplaa since 2008 and has been a part of various projects ranging from the USAID funded Seplaa project ‘Promoting Social Entrepreneurship for Peacebuilding through IT & Youth Mobilization in South Punjab’ where the Seplaa team reached out to over 2300 beneficiaries in South Punjab, to Seplaa’s global impact projects held in Pakistan, Turkey and Sri Lanka. She is a LUMS Social Enterprise Development Centre Alumna, an Executive Development Institute of the National School of Public Policy (NSPP) Alumna. She has been the Co-Founder of the SEW-E-GAP (Seplaa Empowering Women for Economic Growth & Peace) Women Hub from 2015-2019 where several policy dialogues were held on women economic empowerment in Pakistan and was also awarded the Australia Award for a course on Business Incubation Management. 

Arnaud Backbier

Netherlands I Europe Regional Council Member

Arnaud Backbier has over 20 years of experience as a business leader including commercial/sales/marketing, operations and finance in chemical, ingredient and biotechnology industry I look to use biotechnology to change and (re)build the value chains and the materials and products we use everyday from our food, fashion to automotive and the conditions where we make them. I have worked in senior roles with DSM-Firmenich, EY, and Royal Smit & zoon.

Shaheena Carrim

Mauritius I Africa Regional Council Member

Shaheena Carrim founded SC Legal in 2022, a boutique law firm, on the strength of her 20 years’ experience in dispute resolution and transaction advisory in diverse areas of the law, whilst she was a member of Chambers of Sir Hamid Moollan KC G.O.S.K. She read law at Monash University in Australia, and was ranked first in the bar vocational exams in Mauritius. Her pride is her ability to create an environment where her clients trust her for her open, honest, quick, commercial and solutions-driven advice. The focus of SC Legal is on corporate and commercial law. She supports clients in their growth, goals, development and obligations as ESG and impact compliant citizens of the world at every stage. She leverages her courtroom skills in her transaction advisory practice. The main areas of practice are dispute resolution and litigation, corporate and commercial, financing and transaction advisory, capital markets, financial services, taxation, employment, structured financing, insolvency, taxation, real estate and property, family, compliance and intellectual property and technology. She also is an independent director on the board of a number of companies in Mauritius and believes that businesses cannot succeed unless there is a technology, impact and sustainability-savvy team around it.


Sabooh Asghar

UAE I Middle East Regional Council Member

Sabooh Asghar is a mechanical engineer by qualification having worked in the field of nuclear energy and later oil and gas with an experience of over 23 years in HSSE-Risk Management. He is passionate about enhancing an organization’s business excellence model by improving its HSE and Quality performance, contributing to its sustainability/ESG framework implementation, and ensuring holistic risk management.  He has a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering and a master’s in Thermal Hydraulics from Oregan State University (USA). Throughout his job career, Sabooh has manifested strong leadership skills with abilities to adopt new challenges. The transition of his risk management career from nuclear to oil and gas and lately district cooling clearly indicates that he is a dynamic and highly motivated individual. He possesses strong interpersonal skills, and expertise in certain IT and engineering related software. A native Punjabi speaker, he is also fluent in Urdu, English and Arabic with minor knowledge of German.

Sangeet Kaur

UK I UK & Europe Regional Council Member

Sangeet Kaur is an experienced legal entrepreneur who set up her first law business supporting law firms and lawyers in 2014 and which still continues today. After completing her law degree in 1991 and Master’s qualifications in 1992, Sangeet began her career first as a legal academic holding lecturing and tutoring positions in the UK before she joined the Law Society of Singapore in 1997 as a Director of Training. There, she pioneered the design and delivery of the Society’s first programme of learning and development for the legal profession in Singapore. She then worked as a Professional Support Lawyer in the Singapore office of a Magic Circle firm before being appointed Head the Knowledge Management sometimes covering Business Development work. During her career in Singapore, Sangeet also led the KM team of another local office of an international law firm and occupied a dual KM & BD role in a well-established Singapore law firm. Sangeet first founded Lex Conscientia in Singapore in 2013 before moving to the United Kingdom permanently in 2014 and setting up in Oxfordshire as her base. Since then, Sangeet continues to help lawyers and law firms in KM, BD, Legal Recruitment and other professional support roles. The start of 2020 saw Sangeet increasingly involved in the areas of Business and Human Rights, ESG, and Corporate Sustainability projects with her clients through a unique brand known as Pro Lawyers ESG. She reads extensively on these subjects and has developed a Knowledge Bank of materials in these areas.

SGIN Regional Youth Council Members

Saad Naeem

Canada I North America Regional -Youth Council Member

Saad Naeem graduated from McGill University (Canada) with a Bachelors in Physics and Computer Science. He is currently a Physicist working in the quantum industry and is experienced in data-driven decision-making in quantum, space and defense programs which require rapid decision making alongside dynamic problem solving. Saad is experienced in managing full product lifecycles from R&D to production launch and is skilled in technical documentation, project management, and collaboration within multidisciplinary teams. He has a strong commitment to making a positive impact on the world, and is interested in advancing the goals of the SGIN, which are aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Outside of work, he is an adventurous spirit with backpacking experience across 15 countries, and a passion for team sports (soccer) and hiking.

Dina Farooq Malik

Pakistan I APAC Regional -Youth Council Member

Dina Farooq Malik is an artist and has been the Co-Founder of the Seplaa Young Leaders’ Club from 2012-2020. She was the youngest speaker at the UNEP APAN conference held in Sri Lanka and later the opening plenary speaker at the UNEP Climate Change APAN Forum held at ADB headquarters in Manila. Through the Seplaa Young Leaders’ Club, Dina has reached out to over 1000 underprivileged and special children in Pakistan with creative art activities focused on climate change adaptation. Dina is presently concluding her A’ Levels and will be starting her university in 2024.

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