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The Seplaa Story

At the Seplaa Group we define ‘Seplaa’ as  ’empowerment’ and ‘sustainability’.

Seplaa was founded in 2004 when ‘SEPLA’ was launched as the community club for the students of the Metropolitan University of Law & Social Sciences (MULSS) in Lahore. It was initiated by Dr. Ammara Farooq Malik, then a 27 year old passionate mother, lawyer and one third business partner in the educational venture, in Lahore.  Since 2004, Seplaa (Seeds of Education, Policy, Legal Awareness & Advocacy) has been running numerous empowerment projects creating winning solutions and thriving on long term impact investments because for us, community impact is central to our core mission.  


2016 saw the launch of the Seplaa Enterprises, a social enterprise offering trainings, workshops and business incubation consultancy services, with a sustainable business model in Lahore, Pakistan.

Seplaa Enterprises also promoted activities for youth and women through the Seplaa Young Leaders’ Club International and the Seplaa Women Hub in Pakistan.

To create an impact in the community, Seplaa also offers partner solutions in the digital space for maximum outreach and greater impact through the SEPLAA Foundation in Pakistan. Since 2022, we are geared towards the sustainable growth of our clients, partners and projects globally through our global operations under Seplaa Group Inc., Seplaa Consultants Canada Inc. and the Seplaa Global Impact Network (SGIN).

Together, the Seplaa projects and entities are called, the Seplaa Group with global operations spreading from Asia Pacific to North America. We are committed to connect the Global North to the Global South in support of the UN SDG 17 by building and supporting partnerships for global sustainable businesses.

Reach out to us today to see how we can collaborate, network and grow together.