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Our Services

The Seplaa Hub 100 Services: 

1. Corporate Legal Advice & Legal representation though our Consultants and Partners.

2. Financial Advice & Services through our Partners.

3. Marketing & PR Advice & Services through our Partners.

4. IT Solutions through our Partners.

5. Learning Programs & Workshops through our inhouse team and Partners:

6. Co-Working Spaces: An opportunity for different professionals to work from a single environmentally friendly office space, designed to meet all the needs of a 9-5 desk job.

Corporate Spaces & Event Management: For small to medium sized events, which include refreshments, event management and marketing of event on social media.

7. Business Incubation Services : Providing corporate law, business solutions and local as well as international support through mentorship to our incubatees and clients.

8. Professional networks support through our Partner networks.

For a complete list of our 100 services, please email us at