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Global Team

Seplaa Group has developed since 2004 through the dedication of  the Seplaa team, partners, friends and family, one project at a time, over the course of 20 years. Seplaa Group operates globally with the support of local and global experts who have contributed their time and expertise to the growing Seplaa Group global family. The Seplaa Global Team comprises of:

Management Board

Dr. Ammara Farooq Malik

Founder & CEO

Dr. Ammara Malik works in strategic development including sustainability/ law & ESG, research/learning programs, consulting and impact entrepreneurship with over 25 years of professional experience working in Canada, Pakistan, UK and has been invited as an expert to speak at NYU (USA), Hollings Centre for International Development (Turkey & Maldives), UoD (Iraq) amongst 18 countries that support her global role. She was elected as the first Pakistani to be Chair of the Asia Pacific Board of the Global Alliance of Impact Lawyers (GAIL, UK) for 2023 and again for 2024. She is presently a 'Multiplier' (Expert) at the 100x Accelerator at the Marshall Institute of the London School of Economics (LSE) UK and has created an impact in the lives of over 130,000 people in Pakistan through the SEPLAA Foundation. She is a World Learning US IVLP Alumna and has worked as a consultant and Project Director with USAID, ICIMOD (Nepal), Asian Development Bank (Singapore) US Consulate and UNICEF (Pakistan).

Ahmad Farooq Malik

Chief Legal Officer (APAC)

Barrister Farooq Malik oversees the Asia Pacific Portfolio of corporate and intellectual property law issues related to Seplaa Group Inc. and Seplaa Consultants Canada Inc. He has law degrees from the University of Shefield (UK) and a BVC from the University of Bristol before becoming a qualified Barrister of the Lincoln's Inn. Barrister Farooq has worked at senior legal positions in Pakistan such as in the capacity of the Chief Legal Officer of the Infrastructure Development Authority Punjab (IDAP), as Senior Partner at Awais Law and AFMalik Law with over 25 years of professional experience producing winning results for multiple MNCs, international companies and organizations situated in Pakistan, South Korea, China and USA. In 2019 he co-authored the Intellectual Property Rights Toolkit for Punjab Business Incubators as a USEF funded project and has contributed to several high level legal reports.

Amal Farooq Malik

Assistant Editor Impact Insights

With two published research books to her credit, namely 'Voices of Courage & Sorrow' written on the plight of victims of domestic abuse under the Human Rights Crisis Centre for Women (Punjab Government) and 'Girls for Climate Action' documenting 9 years of climate change youth advocacy across Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Turkey and Philippines, Amal went on to take up further research positions at the University of Warwick where she is concluding her second year of Law studies as a Warwick Global Excellence Merit Scholarship recipient. She is presently the Secretary Critical Lawyers for Warwick (CLAW), is a Research Mentor for Warwick Think Tank Society and is the Editor of the Impact Insights section of the Seplaa Group. She has been published by UNEP (Thailand) and has a global footprint at the UN in Turkey and Sri Lanka.

Team, Experts & Consultants

Dr. Joanne Chai

Business Consultant I Hong Kong

With nearly three decades of expertise spanning information technology, banking and finance, and a profound understanding of Asia Pacific business law, I offer a unique blend of legal acumen and commercial insight. My strategic approach enables me to assist clients and partners in achieving transformational objectives and optimizing operational efficiency across the region. I excel in driving business transformation through a comprehensive suite of services, including Hybrid Cloud Solutions, platform modernization, and business architecture design.

Arnaud Backbier

Biotechnology Consultant I Rotterdam

With over 20 years of experience as a business leader including commercial/sales/marketing, operations and finance in chemical, ingredient and biotechnology industry I look to use biotechnology to change and (re)build the value chains and the materials and products we use everyday from our food, fashion to automotive and the conditions where we make them. I have worked in senior roles with DSM-Firmenich, EY, and Royal Smit & zoon.

Zahra Wyne

Senior DEI Consultant I Lahore

Zahra is an international development, business operations and management consultant with over 20 years of experince. She has been associated with Seplaa since 2008 and has been a part of various projects ranging from the USAID funded Seplaa project 'Promoting Social Entrepreneurship for Peacebuilding through IT & Youth Mobilization in South Punjab' where the Seplaa team reached out to over 2300 beneficiaries in South Punjab, to Seplaa's global impact projects held in Pakistan, Turkey and Sri Lanka.

Enj. Amjad A. Wyne

Senior Engineering Consultant I Lahore

Mr. Wyne has over 40 years of experience in the oil and gas, fertilizers, chemical manufacturing, civil engineering and portfolio management industries in the Middle East and Pakistan with top position in MSc. Chemical Engineering from the Punjab University. He has worked with organizations such as Exxon, ADNOC (UAE), Fertil (UAE) and was the Group Technical Director of Rupali Group of Industries (Pakistan) where he set up Spintex, Rupafil and Rupali before moving to set up Wyne Associates in 1997 to work on investment portfolios, construction management and sustainable building designs in Pakistan.

Sangeet Kaur

Knowledge & Business Development Consultant I Oxfordshire

Sangeet is an experienced in legal entrepreneur supporting law firms and lawyers since 2014. She completed her law degree in 1991 and Master's in 1992 and has since worked as an academic in the UK before joining the Law Society of Singapore in 1997 as a Director of Training. She then worked as a Professional Support Lawyer in the Singapore office of a Magic Circle firm before being appointed Head the Knowledge Management. Sangeet founded Lex Conscientia in Singapore in 2013 before moving to Oxfordshire, UK in 2014. Since 2020 Sangeet has also worked in the areas of Business and Human Rights, ESG, and Corporate Sustainability projects with her clients through Pro Lawyers ESG.

Sabooh Asghar

Mechanical Engineering Consultant I Abu Dhabi

Sabooh is passionate about enhancing an organization's business excellence model by improving its HSE and Quality performance, contributing to its sustainability/ESG framework implementation, and ensuring holistic risk management. Sabooh has over 23 years of experience in HSSE-Risk Management, with a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering and a master's in Thermal Hydraulics from Oregan State University (USA). Sabooh manifests strong leadership skills with abilities to adopt new challenges such as transitioning from risk management in nuclear to oil and gas and lately district cooling.

Dr. Zia Hashmi

Climate Change Consultant I Doha

Dr. Zia Hashmi is an established researcher and a climate impacts and adaptation expert with over 20 years of experience and a PhD degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Auckland, New Zealand. He is a Research Associate at the Environmental Science Center of Qatar University and has been one of the leading Water Resources and Glaciology experts in Pakistan having contributed to key national policy documents such as Climate Change Policy, Water Policy, 2nd and 3rd National Communications, NDCs and Technology Need Assessment.

Dina Malik

Advisor Seplaa Young Leaders' Club I Lahore

Dina is an artist and has been the Co-Founder of the Seplaa Young Leaders' Club from 2012-2020. She was the youngest speaker at the UNEP APAN conference held in Sri Lanka and later the opening plenary speaker at the UNEP Climate Change APAN Forum held at ADB headquarters in Manila. She will be starting her university in 2024.

Seplaa Publications Research & Editorial Board

Dr. Ammara Farooq Malik

Sangeet Kaur

Amal Farooq Malik