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Seplaa’s global experience to create impact in the past has been with businesses, universities, institutions and international development organizations covering the following Sustainable Development Goals:

Global Issues:

  • Climate Change & Net Zero Emissions
  • Peacebuilding & Education
  • Gender & Empowerment
  • Partnerships for global impact.

In the following


  • North America: Canada & USA 
  • Asia Pacific: Pakistan, Nepal, Singapore, Maldives, Sri Lanka & Kazakhstan
  • Europe: UK, Turkey & Italy
  • Africa & Middle East:  UA.E. & Iraq 

Pictures are dated 2010-2024. 

Seplaa Group at COP28 UAE

Seplaa Group at Global Events

Seplaa Global Impact

The Seplaa Global Impact Network (SGIN) was launched in 2023 and is founded on Seplaa’s 5 Cog Wheels Strategy for Sustainable Businesses and experience in the impact space since 2004. 

To become a member of SGIN, please email us at or