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Seplaa Group

Seplaa Group is a Canadian global growth and strategy consulting company offering innovative impact focused products, services and networks in the business, education, immigration and international development sectors. With global offices in Canada and Pakistan, we work globally and sustainably to support the UN Sustainable Development Goals.  


The Seplaa Vision

Seplaa’s sustainability vision is a green world where businesses are responsible and inclusive, and resources are reduced, reused or recycled. Our mission is to: 1. Advise and support individuals, green businesses, social enterprises and women led businesses to be able to grow and flourish through the integration of ESG metrics in their business plans, models and systems. 2. Support impact investments and initiatives to build an impact community beyond boundaries.
Partners & Associated Global Entities
Seplaa Foundation

We Are building a sustainable world through Business:
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Impact Insights

SGIN Council
SGIN Regional Council Launched
Connecting Change-Makers for a Sustainable Future Global-We are extremely excited to welcome our Global and Regional Council Members under…
Seplaa Group Global Offices

North America Office:
Seplaa Group
Toronto, ON M5V 2Y1

Asia Pacific Offices:
Seplaa Hub
20 X Commercial, Phase 3,
DHA, Lahore, Pakistan

Administration Office:
Sector XX, Phase 3,
DHA, Lahore, Pakistan.

About us

Seplaa Group is an innovative impact focused global growth & strategy consulting company based in Canada and Pakistan having global operations.

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